It is time for a reset. A reboot. A time to look again at the way in which we go about our lives, as well as the lives of others, how businesses conduct themselves and how leaders actually lead.

Before Covid-19 gatecrashed in our lives – very much uninvited, unwanted and undesirable – the warning signs were already flashing on our dashboard.

From climate, to geo-political tensions; from leaders focusing more on nations than united nations, to the growing gulf between the haves and have-nots.

Heat and noise.

But, perhaps with less fanfare there have been trends flowing underneath the megatrends.

Like the climate activism of the Greta generation which, by the way, I do not believe is purely defined by age but by outlook. But the calls are getting louder. Look underneath though, at the channelling and flows of capital as it assesses risk, of which climate is a key determining factor.

We are also in an era of the greatest generational wealth transfer in history.

So in many senses it seems the balance of power has already shifted to the next generation, as they move from occupying the streets to occupying positions of power and influence – from business to politics. And not only will they have this power in their hands, but they will also have wealth to back it up.

And that is why – in the middle of the greatest era of turmoil of most of our lifetimes – I have decided to found Impact & Influence – to recognise both the influence of the next generation of leaders and the impact they have now and will have in the future.

It is just at this moment, as the world seemingly teeters between these trends, that we are channelling our efforts to accelerate the positives, applying communications to create commercial value, while believing in the positive co-existence of profit and purpose.